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BT-100M Bluetooth Audio Module


This kit is custom designed to install easily and work with your factory Harley Davidson radio. Don't be fooled by low cost, battery operated, Bluetooth devices that will just frustrate you while on the road. Our device is plug and play and requires no wire cutting or splicing. It is powered from the bike and does not require charging or batteries. Installation requires only removing the 5 fairing screws (on batwing models) or 6 fairing screws and the turn signals (on shark nose models). If you are not comfortable removing your fairing, most shops will do this for you in less than an hour.

Product Overview

  • Volume control from stock handlebar controls. Track control from user device.
  • Completely Plug & Play installation, no wire splicing is required
  • Easily pairs with your Smart phone or Tablet
  • Stream MP3s, Pandora etc. from your device to your stock Harley Davidson radio
  • Hear navigation instructions from your phone using the bike's speakers
  • Unit includes a 2nd Aux Input for your GPS or other wired device
  • Fits Harley Davidson Touring bikes 1998 and later
  • Works with Harman Kardon and Radio Sound head units
  • This product is manufactured in the USA


Remove bike fairing. Mount the BT-100M module on the inner fairing, away from other metal, with adhesive tape provided. Make sure to position the end of the module without wires up and towards the rider. Route the audio plug down and out of the inner fairing and plug it into your radio auxiliary port. Route the power cable across and down to the back of the cigarette lighter. Remove the wires from the cigarette lighter and plug the wires from the BT-100M in their place. Plug the original wires into the BT-100M piggy back connectors. Our black wire connects with the stock black wire. Our red wire connects with the stock orange/white wire.

Pairing and use

On your phone or tablet, go to Settings and Bluetooth. Have your device scan for nearby Bluetooth enabled devices. Locate the BT-100M shown as BT-Speaker, D-Link or I-Wave and connect. If you are asked for a pairing code, enter 0000. Your audio will now be routed through your stock Harley radio.

Note - This unit is not for making phone calls. It is for streaming audio via Bluetooth.

Installation Instructions

US only. $99.00 shipped. Please email for orders outside the US.


Warranty Information
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