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Cracked starter solenoid
« on: Saturday, June 16, 2012. 05:01:44 PM. »
Hello, been away a long time.  Just uncovered the 82 fxr for the first time since last June. I put her away in a bit of frustration when chasing a starting problem and life got in the way of taking care of her.  I started from the super basics and when checking to make sure the connections on the solenoid were tight, the plastic 'face plate' cracked. I will have to replace it sometime, but my question is, will it function properly with a crack in that plastic cap or or do I need to replace it before I continue chasing?

Thanks.  Felt good to get my hands dirty again.

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Re: Cracked starter solenoid
« Reply #1 on: Saturday, June 16, 2012. 06:01:41 PM. »
You will need to replace it sooner or later. Best to do it now and not on the road.
I dont know how long it will function with the crack but but it will fail. Guaranteed.

If nothing else, buy the replacement and carry it around till you need it.

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Re: Cracked starter solenoid
« Reply #2 on: Saturday, June 16, 2012. 06:18:24 PM. »
There are also rebuild kits available for the sol, if I recall correctly the plastic cap is part of the kit.

 The broken cap could (and probably will) affect the quality of the contact between the posts when the solenoid is energized.
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Re: Cracked starter solenoid
« Reply #3 on: Sunday, June 17, 2012. 03:53:16 AM. »
I just used one of those kits.  The cap, both large studs and the plunger/rod assembly are what's in it.  After looking and the studs and plunger in mine,  I'm here to say "Buy the kit and use it". 
I've got a buck that says that kit will fix 90% of your starting problems.   Dirt cheap, too:
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