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Misfiring under load. Coil?

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"I ask the young feller behind the counter"

That was your first mistake. I go to an auto parts store where the guy behind the counter looks as old or older than me.  :wink:  :embarrassed:


That getting hard and hard to do all the time considering the pay for counterman and other reasons.

Man I HATE Advanced Auto and such stores!


if you have a stock panhead dist this may help.....

Standard (Blue Streak) DR-2240X   Standard (Blue Streak) AL5661X
   Delco D108P   Echlin CS-709
   GM 1954557
   Borg Warner A109V
   GP DR695
   Echlin CS788P

 DR-2240X this is not the correct # see pics

 DR-2240X or  CS788P

this is  CS2350

I still have the box, and these fit my oem type dist, 1956

this is CS779A, I also think this part is the same

CS763A,this image is the 235 chev straight six, not correct


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