Author Topic: 99 sportster 883 trouble codes  (Read 1797 times)

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99 sportster 883 trouble codes
« on: Thursday, April 15, 2010. 12:33:21 PM. »
Does anyone have handy the speedo codes for 1999 883?  specifically the meaning of d08

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Re: 99 sportster 883 trouble codes
« Reply #1 on: Friday, April 16, 2010. 06:52:03 PM. »
Hope the following helps...........

There are 7 different diagnostic codes available. They are as follows:

d01 - Speed sensor power output shorted low

d02 - Speed sensor power output shorted high or open

d03 - Not Used

d04 - Not Used

d05 - Speed sensor return shorted high

d06 - Speed sensor return shorted low

d07 - Not Used

d08 - Speedometer power over voltage

d09 - Speed output shorted high

d10 - Speed output shorted low or open

CAL XX - Speedometer application calibration number:

14 = Domestic

15 = HDI

When in the diagnostic mode, all codes are displayed in sequence from d01 to d10.

As a code appears in the display (for instance d02), it will read "d02Set" if set or "d02CLr" if clear.

The diagnostic mode is exited either by turning ignition from ON to OFF to ON again without depressing the reset switch or if a speed signal greater than 5 MPH is detected.

Diagnostics cannot be performed if system voltage is less than 9 VDC or greater than 16 VDC. The only exception is d08 which is set when system voltage is greater than 16 VDC.
After all the diagnostic codes are displayed, the speedometer calibration number is displayed (CAL 14 for example).

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