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Well, if ya wanna go with the bagger look you can't run the FXWG trees anyway since you wouldn't be able to bolt on the fork tins. The 1949 thru 1984 FLH style trees with the threaded holes and ears for the tins is what you want. They are the same width as the later touring style trees so it makes everything a bolt on. All the 1984 and later fork tubes are the same (up to at least '06 and probably later). Only the lengths are different. A pair of aftermarket fork tube assemblies can be had for well under $200 on ebay. The touring style lower legs (sliders) are so common on ebay that they're almost a gimme for new take offs. I would never pay much more than about $30 for a new set of lower legs. The standard Shovelhead FLH front fender will fit or use a later one. It doesn't matter. New front wheels are pretty cheap on ebay (take offs) and can usually be had complete with rotors. They use a 1" axle so you need an axle also. If you have a shovelhead dual flange laced wheel you can also use that by using a 3/4" rear axle and a bushing (same diameter as axle spacers). Dual disc front calipers are cheap (also on ebay) and should run less than $150 for a pair in like new condition. The standard master cylinder for the dual disc is 11/16". You may be able to use your existing master cylinder. Myself, I always have changed out the handlebar controls for the '96 and later style. If you go with black they are also cheap on ebay. You will need the early FLH headlight and nacelle. A lot of these are things that you would be changing anyway if you were converting to an FLH front end so the cost works out to be about the same.

Just want to point out that if you convert to the early style FL front end  (shovel style) you're still gonna need trees, fork tubes, lower legs, a front wheel, a front finder, and a new caliper (the big "banana" style). Most of the shovelhead front end stuff is gonna be pretty worn out by now. And they will cost more.


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