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Hot Hawg
« on: Friday, September 06, 2013. 11:43:01 AM. »
I'm experiencing a lot of heat from the rear cylinder on my 2012 FLHTK. Im running the Kuryakyn Perfect Storm set-up (True Duals, Crusher Mellow mufflers and the HD Stage 1 intake) I removed the sleeper (Kury intake) due to oil blow-by leaking on cam cover. Their fix was to use silicone on the backing plate which I refuse to do so I put the original back on. I'm attaching the calibration that I'm using. I switched from the one that was downloaded a year ago when I purchased the exhaust. My problem is that an a light the rear cylinder is so hot that I have to at time put down the kickstand and remove my butt from the seat to cool my nuts off. I haven't had the bike on the dyno yet and I prefer not to if I can help it. Today I pulled out my multi meter (has a temp probe) and checked the temp. It was 320 in the rear and 230 in the front this is with the bike at idle. My 05 Wide Glide (carb) or my 09 RK never did this. I could sit in traffic all day and my nuts remained cool. Before the exhaust change I didn't have this problem (the rear cylinder would cut out). I emailed Kuryakyn about this and the answer I got was: the calibration installed cuts out both cylinders really fast so you can't tell. I think that this is a load of BS. I would like to get this function back. My RK had it (Stage 1). The bike has the TTS.

What are my options?

1. Reload my orig. Stage 1 and see how it preforms

2. Have it dyno tuned

3. Seriously thinking of switching over to the FulSac and canned calibration ( I've read good things about this) I'm leaning toward this. I was planning a trip to Havasu and talk to Steve when it cools down, I'm in Vegas so it no big deal to ride down. Prefer this to a phone call. Reason for the Fulsac is I'm getting tired of the TD look.

I have to add that when moving (in town or highway) I have no heat issues.

I know this is long but WTF I'm drinking Budweiser.

Freddie_ray :wtf:

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Re: Hot Hawg
« Reply #1 on: Friday, September 06, 2013. 01:35:14 PM. »
O2 sensors hooked up right? Gray front Back rear
Things to try......
Do a V-Tune on it at idle and check the VEs. Canned maps are never 100% right!
Back the idle timing down to 18* instead of 22*
Set the A/F table to 821 (13.9) in the 30 to 40 KPA area at idle. (Taking it out of closed loop)
Rear cyclinder drop off is controled by the twist grip to turn on and off. Turn off cruise, twist grip forward watch the cruise indicator. Green on Red off.