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Harley Flat Rate Manual
« on: Sunday, April 28, 2013. 03:43:55 PM. »
Does anyone Know where I can get a Harley Flat Rate Manual 1999 and up? :idunno:

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Re: Harley Flat Rate Manual
« Reply #1 on: Monday, April 29, 2013. 05:07:32 PM. »
Harley publishes what is called a job time code manual on an annual basis, but it is not publicly available
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Re: Harley Flat Rate Manual
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday, May 01, 2013. 09:51:21 PM. »
i found one for my 03.  but it seems every one ups it 40% anyway.

i missed out all the last 30 years or so doing work by the flat rate book.

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Re: Harley Flat Rate Manual
« Reply #3 on: Thursday, May 02, 2013. 04:32:23 AM. »
Can't speak for today but used to be H-D had only a warranty time manual. No such thing as a flat rate book like a body man has. These warranty times were tight, nothing like the flat rate automotive book that allows a good man to bill 100 hours a week or more. The store I worked in billed at warranty X 1.5 and they looked for us to be 85% efficient.
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Re: Harley Flat Rate Manual
« Reply #4 on: Thursday, May 02, 2013. 05:06:37 AM. »
Just to make sure I understand how a flat rate book works.
The book list a time for a given service or repair. That is the time the shop bill for that service or repair regardless of how long it really take.

And if say a top end repair. Do you add the time to remove and replace gas tank ect.  or is that included in the top end service flat rate time?

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Re: Harley Flat Rate Manual
« Reply #5 on: Thursday, May 02, 2013. 05:53:44 AM. »
Its included
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Re: Harley Flat Rate Manual
« Reply #6 on: Thursday, May 02, 2013. 08:16:49 AM. »
the boat industry flat rate books were not bad.
(time only not $
per hour)
i regulary beat the times. from pure repition and knowing which tools  to have on bench and a few tricks.
they also allowed for diagnose time. i could skip a lot of steps cause knowing product and what fails.  instead of start at step one. if a problem i know that model has, could start at step 7 or 8 and locater and fix problem.
that diagnosis is where i beat flat rate time by a little bit.
and i  took that .5 cause its paying for knowledge

worked for kawasaki, also not bad.  a little tighter.  to make flat rate hours you gotta know what your doing.
no going and reading manual or messing around.

i owned a suzuki shop.  (yeah , i know, but was a cheap franchize)
there warentee book sucked.  very tight.  and could make it if in ninja mode.
they also did not pay for warentee work.  just gave parts credit and ADVERTISING credit.
so i do work and get paid to put ad in paper promoting their product.
i was only there for a few years.  i only reallly got it to also have the outboard line cause this was back in my havasu days.

i never added time to book. to me it was like stealing.
a competant mech should be able to make time.
everyone adding one hour to a two hour job either doing it for pure profit or cant do work in a timely manner.  i not against profit, but i against ripping off customer.

if a rust buckett all bets are off. i tell them up fornt.  also some jobs i tell them time and materials.
like really old bikes where may have to weld broken stuff, helicoil everthing,
or make parts. 
this , i hope, clears up some of my other comments on flat rate.
like the one i started in twin cam and got hammered by the +40% guys.

i liked my customers.  i considered them people, not cash cows.

i could not sleep if i billed 100 hours for 40 hours of work.  that is just cheating.