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Dia. Codes; What do they mean
« on: Wednesday, December 05, 2012. 01:07:16 PM. »
 Having trouble with 2006 FLHTC. I have asked questions here  before but I didn't know enough or have enough info for help. Have since been able to retrieve Dia. codes but still need help.

From the beginning- 2006 FLHTC,  trike kit with Stage I AC and Slip-ons, and SERT tuner, 21,000 miles. The first trouble was a blown fuse after using cigar lighter I noticed no speedo or tach. Replaced acc fuse and no more issues. A month or so later while on a 50 mi. ride bike shut off pulled over and the bike started, a mile down the road it shut off again, trailered home. I could not hear fuel pump running, replaced relay, bike fired right up. Next time out after 20 miles bike shut down again, trailered home. After reading several threads it was obvious I needed to check for codes, trip switch would not change from trip to milage on the speedo. I replaced the trip switch and can now read codes, in the order they appear:

P-no rsp
S-U1255, U1016, pn 68922-00d
SP- 61006, 61007, 61005, U1255, U1016, pn 67349-04
E-61006,61007, U1016, pn 67348-04a
Seems like a big problem and I don't know where to start. I do not have cables for the SERT at this time I'm trying to locate the at a reasonable price.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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Re: Dia. Codes; What do they mean
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday, December 05, 2012. 01:16:39 PM. »
Here are the codes for the 04-07 bikes
These will also work on the 08 bikes . There are additional codes for the 08 bikes not listed here .

"BUS Er" - Serial data bus shorted/low/open/high
B0563 - Battery voltage high TSM/TSSM
B1004 - Fuel level sending unit low instruments
B1005 - Fuel level sending unit high/open instruments
B1006 - Accessory line over voltage instruments
B1007 - Ignition line over voltage instruments
B1008 - Reset switch closed instruments
B1122 - Right turn output fault
B1125 - (HFSM) Left turn output short to battery
B1131 - Alarm output low TSM/TSSM
B1132 - Alarm output high TSM/TSSM
B1134 - Starter output high TSM/TSSM
B1135 - Accelerometer fault TSM/TSSM
B1141 - Ignition switch open/low
B1151 - Sidecar BAS low TSM/TSSM
B1152 - Sidecar BAS high TSM/TSSM
B1153 - Sidecar BAS out of range TSM/TSSM
P0106 - MAP sensor rate of range error CARB
P0107 - MAP sensor failed open/low CARB
P0107 - Map sensor open/low EFI
P0108 - Map sensor failed high CARB
P0108 - Map sensor high EFI
P0112 - IAT sensor voltage low EFI
P0113 - IAT sensor voltage open/high EFI
P0117 - ET sensor voltage low EFI
P0118 - ET sensor voltage open/high EFI
P0122 - TP sensor open/low EFI
P0123 - TP sensor high EFI
P0131 - Front 02 sensor low (lean)
P0132 - Engine running rich
P0134 - Front 02 sensor open/not responding
P0151 - Rear 02 sensor low (lean)
P0152 - Rear 02 sensor high (rich)
P0154 - Rear 02 sensor open/not responding
P0261 - Front injector open/low EFI
P0262 - Front injector high EFI
P0263 - Rear injector open/low EFI
P0264 - Rear injector high EFI
P0373 - CKP sensor intermittent CARB/EFI
P0374 - CKP sensor not detected CARB
P0374 - CKP sensor sync error EFI
P0501 - VSS low CARB/EFI
P0502 - VSS high/open CARB/EFI
P0505 - Loss of idle speed control EFI
P0562 - Battery voltage low CARB/EFI
P0563 - Battery voltage high CARB/EFI
P0602 - Calibration memory error CARB
P0603 - EEPROM failure CARB
P0603 - ECM EEPROM error EFI
P0604 - Ram failure CARB
P0605 - Program memory error CARB
P0605 - ECM flash error EFI
P0607 - Converter error CARB
P0661 - Intake solenoid low/open
P0662 - Intake solenoid high/shorted
P1001 - System relay coil open/low EFI
P1002 - System relay coil high/shorted EFI
P1003 - System relay contacts open EFI
P1004 - System relay contacts closed EFI
P1009 - Incorrect password CARB/EFI
P1010 - Missing password CARB/EFI
P1351 - Front ignition open/low CARB/EFI
P1352 - Front ignition coil high/shorted CARB/EFI
P1353 - Front cylinder no combustion EFI
P1354 - Rear ignition coil open/low CARB/EFI
P1355 - Rear ignition coil high/shorted CARB/EFI
P1356 - Rear cylinder no combustion EFI
P1357 - Intermittent secondary front EFI
P1358 - Intermittent secondary rear EFI
U1016 - Loss of ICM/ECM serial data instruments
U1016 - Loss of ECM serial data, vehicle speed, vehicle inhibit motion or power train security status TSM/TSSM
U1064 - Loss of TSM/TSSM serial data CARB/EFI
U1064 - Loss of TSM/TSSM serial date instruments
U1097 - Loss of speedometer serial data TSM/TSSM CARB/EFI
U1255 - Missing message at speedometer EFI
U1255 - Serial data error/missing message EFI
U1255 - Serial data error/missing instruments or TSM/TSSM
U1300 - Serial data low instruments, TSM/TSSM , CARB/EFI
U1301 - Serial data open/high instruments, TSM/TSSM, CARB/EFI

2006 models with 02 sensors ( Dynas )

P0131 - Front 02 sensor lean for any length of time
P0151 - Rear 02 sensor lean for any length of time
Above codes can also be set if 02 sensor fails.

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Re: Dia. Codes; What do they mean
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday, December 05, 2012. 02:42:18 PM. »
not sure what cables you need but there is a sert dongle that you must have in order to communicate with the ECM....the dongle is a cigarette lighter sized box with male/female DB9 is unique to your ECM once the first MAP is will also need the cable with Deutch on one end and DB9 female on the other to go into your laptop with the sert program.....

it may be helpful to get a M/F DB9 extension cable as well (at Radio Shack, walmart, etc)

all of that said, the sert will not give you any more codes that what you've already pulled....the sert will let you see the sensors but I don't think that's your problem now....

additionally the number of codes pulled says nothing of the problem since the code may cascade for a single problem...and the codes in themselves will not tell you the trouble but merely assist in sectionalizing the problem....

sounds like it may be a problem in the wiring harness or connectors so you need to get a wiring diagram to help troubleshoot

also 61006, 61007, 61005 don't look right...are you sure it wasn't "b" rather than a "6"?

BTW, you said the trip reset button was changed out....did you in fact determine that the switch is bad by testing it or did you just throw a new part at it and it worked?  verify a bad reset button because it sounds to me like a connection problem

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Re: Dia. Codes; What do they mean
« Reply #3 on: Thursday, December 06, 2012. 08:14:15 AM. »
Thanks, you are right the codes do start with a b rather than 6. The reset switch was definitely bad, it would not close, checked with VO meter. Given the codes I have where should I start without just throwing parts at it? I have inspected plugs/connectors and no obvious problem, looks clean and dry. Since the codes indicate no response for P and the stop switch is in the run position do I have a problem with this switch? The engine turns over fine. The b 1005, b1006, b1007 indicate over voltage, what would cause this?
Should I clear the codes, since I have disconnected various connectors, and start all over again?
Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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Re: Dia. Codes; What do they mean
« Reply #4 on: Thursday, December 06, 2012. 09:46:34 AM. »
I would check the battery cables, ground wires, loose connections. Could be that during the trike conversion a ground wire was left loose? Don't some trike conversions include changing the triple trees which would indicate it's worth looking up front for a loose wire(s)?
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Re: Dia. Codes; What do they mean
« Reply #5 on: Thursday, December 06, 2012. 10:24:24 AM. »
yes, clear all of the codes....

the codes you see were cascaded and U1016 is the top priority, next is U1255.....forget about the B codes for now because the loss of the serial bus data probably triggered those....

will the bike run?  if so, run it to see if the U codes come back (since you have verified all of the connectors on the main wiring harness)  you can also wiggle the harnesses to see if the code will set will see this if the yellow engine light comes on when you do the wiggle test...concentrate on the serial bus lead

the serial bus is the LTGRN/V is Pin 5 on the ECM, Pin 3 on the TSSM, Pin 11 on the Ign harness and Pin 2 on the speedometer....evidently at some point that wire lost continuity and caused the U1016 code to set

good luck

ps, since the speedo set U1255, I'd be looking close in that area....was someone messing with the harness or console areas?
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Re: Dia. Codes; What do they mean
« Reply #6 on: Thursday, December 06, 2012. 04:13:49 PM. »
Thanks for info, I'LL try it and let you know. The bike has started a few times, but only run maybe 20 seconds then shut down. When it does start it responds to change in throttle position.

Thanks again