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Re: RB Racing Exhaust
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I run an LSR 2-1 (1 3/4" primaries) on 97" 2002 Road.  Friends and I have compared my LSR to their Propipe, Thunderheader, Fat Cat, in our opinion we believe it's not  louder than those pipes.   Before the LSR I ran a WB E-Series 2-1. With the LSR over the WB, The TQ / HP increased and street acceleration is quicker, seems to breathe freer, especially with my Baisley reworked heads. 

There are a few versions of the LSR all with different sound levels.

LSR 2-1
LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyder
LSR 2-1 Black Hole
LSR 2-1 Pro Stock (no baffles)
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Re: RB Racing Exhaust
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Less than 6 months old...


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Re: RB Racing Exhaust
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Re: RB Racing Exhaust
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Been running the Blackhole pipe for a couple of years. Love the tone. It can be defined many ways but "loud" would not be be my choice. I have a friend who runs a Thunderheader on an Evo-glide....the Thunderheader drowns out the Blackhole pipe. Can't comment on the Blackhole Spyder. I would imagine since it is a significantly shorter pipe it is most likely louder. I also run the Thundermax and quite honestly, with the latest updates and map, IMHO it is an outstanding combination. To the point that I hope to buy an carbed Evo bike so I have something to tinker with. But I would most likely buy a Blackhole pipe for that one, too.

had a BlackHole Spyder on my previous 103 Ultra, way too loud for over here. Ran it for one hour and took it off. The regular BlackHole I had on my earlier FXST 107 high comp was much quieter and a great exhaust in all aspects. BTW The Spyder is for sale, fit 2007-08 FLHs

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Re: RB Racing Exhaust
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I have an LSR 2-1 C type on my 02 FLSTCI, it's been on there for 7 years now and still looks great, I never did put the shields on. Top class stuff, love the gasket design, I have reused gaskets and nuts 5 times now with no leaks. If you run the pipe for a season before you do the heads you will get a mark from the aluminum gaskets at the exhaust ports where they seal to the heads this makes port matching a snap. And these gaskets as others have said will never squish into the port. Fit is impeccable. Just pay yer money and sit yer ass down, your stuff will arrive when they said it would. :up:
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